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  • The Pursuit of Food

    Hey all, excited to share the interview I had with hunter, chef, and entrepreneur, Erik Sun. Erik is the owner of a spearfishing company, the executive chef behind The Bos Creek, and is creating a reality hunting/cooking show called The Pursuit of Food. He currently lives and does a majority of his hunting in California, and will soon be opening a few restaurants in the region. Continue reading

  • The Perfect Fit

    I recently had a chance to interview Manuel Rappard, a former employee of Google, who left to start a selvedge denim company that offers customers to option of trying on 3 pairs at home, and sending back the ones that they don’t love.  Here he gives some insight on building the company. Continue reading

  • Cory Vines

    I had a chance to interview Daniel Lieberman, the CEO behind Montreal-based fitness apparel company, Cory Vines.  Cory Vines has been featured for its extremely comfortable, aesthetically appealing, and affordable clothing, on platforms such as Forbes and Bloomberg Business.  This interview gives us a glimpse on what it’s like starting and growing this business as a “David” amongst the “Goliaths” of the fitness apparel industry Continue reading

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